Basic Medical Sciences


History of the Department

Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics has been founded under the Istanbul Medeniyet University School of Medicine Division of Basic Medical Sciences by Assistant Professor Esra Kürüm in 2013. Dr. Kürüm was the department chair between 2013-2015 and instrumental in creating the biostatistics computer laboratory and getting SPSS 22 licenses for its computers. She also taught the biostatistics undergradate course in English and was the biostatistis editor of Medeniyet Medical Journal, formerly known as Goztepe Medical Journal. Later, Dr. Kürüm left the university to join Yale University as a postdoc in 2015.

During 2015-2016 school year the biostatistics courses were given by Assistant Professor Esra Akdeniz who had a joint appointment in Statistics and Biostatistics departments.

In 2016, Professor Hasan Güçlü, who had been a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh before, joined the department as the chair. Professor Güçlü is the primary invesigator of a Marie Curie Actions Individual Fellowship Reintegration grant titled “MIDIDP: Modeling Infectious Diseases in Dynamic Populations with Relocation and Refugeeism”, which is our university’s first EU Horizon 2020 project. Dr. Güçlü has still been serving as a faculty member at the department and giving courses in undergraduate and graduate programs of the university.

Professor Handan Ankaralı has joined the department in 2017 and been appointed as the department chair. She initiated interdisliplinary Biological Data Sciences Masters program in 2018 and still managing it. The program has met great interest by both academicians and students alike since then. Professor Ankaralı started biostatistics consultancy services at the department due to high demand for both te university and researchers from outside. The faculty members at the department started contributing an annual two-day residency basic training program called MeduTek designed for medical residents by teaching biostatistics.

Nurgül Bulut has been appointed as a research assitant in 2015 as part of the Faculty Member Training Program at the department. As of 2019, the department has one research assistant.

While biostatistics courses at the School of Medicine were offered only to the first-year students between 2013-2017, they have been scattered in different committees of first and second-year student. Starting with 2019-2020 school year, biostatistics courses are grouped into year long corridor courses called “Scientific Corridor” in the first three years.

In addition to the School of Medicine, departmental faculty members are teaching theoretical and applied courses at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, School of Health Sciences, School of Dentistry, and the Institute of Graduate Studies.


  • Teaching biostatistical methods to medical students conceptually and with emphasis in practice in a continuous manner without forcing the students to memorize
  • Teaching the doctors who will be researchers in the future to design and conduct their research, analyze and interpreting the results by using biostatististical methods at the basic level
  • Training future academics who respects universal values and ethical principles, who does not decide without evidence and believe in team spirit
  • Collaborating with diverse researchers from medical and biology-related fields
  • Contributing the Turkish Medical Literature by national and international research projects in both quality and quantity
  • Giving seminars and courses aimed at teaching how to design and finalize a research study, how to carry out the research without violating ethical rules and making statistical errors


  • Making the department a national center of excellence
  • Increasing the quality of education and training as well as scientific research to the level of other departments recognized in the scientific world with their pioneering work and services
  • Teaching students skills needed to do scientific research
  • Increasing the visibility and citation of medical research by providing modern and methodological biostatistical analysis support
  • Training tomorrow’s academicians who are able to adopt and contribute in a fast-changing world

Biostatistical Consulting Services

Our department provides consultancy services to researcher projects (thesis and non-thesis-based projects) in applications of biostatistical methods and principles, data analysis and interpretation of results, responses to peer-review comments. The biostatistical consulting services we provide are

  • Evaluating hypotheses and presenting them in an testable manner
  • Evaluating research type
  • Helping to decide the optimum sample size
  • Helping to decide appropriate sampling method
  • Evaluating the data collection methods
  • Helping to decide appropriate data analyses methods
  • Data analysis
  • Helping to interpret the results and their presentation
  • Evaluating the generalizability of the results

Faculte Members:

Prof. Dr. Handan ANKARALI (Head Of Department)

Prof. Dr. Hasan GÜÇLÜ 

Res. Asst. Nurgül BULUT